Real-time, Remote Production

Telestream Vantage and Lightspeed Live Capture combined with Aspera’s FASPStream technology enable open-file workflows for production teams to edit live video feeds from remote locations in real time. All of this is done over commodity internet with low latency and high quality, saving set-up time and money for remote-event post production.

Capturing and producing content for live events such as sports, news, training or education programs has never been as easy or cost effective.

Here's how it works


At the event site, an HD-SDI live feed is captured in real time. In this case, Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture is being used, but this technology will work with any growing file workflows that Vantage can support.


The live feed is captured and written to local storage by Lightspeed Live Capture.


Simultaneously, a copy of the growing captured file is sent over commodity internet to a remote Aspera file server using FASPStream Technology.


At the remote post production facility, the growing file is immediately available within the Aspera Server storage where Vantage can automatically begin processing the content. While the file is growing, Vantage can convert or rewrap the content into a format supported by the editing system of choice.


Using a non-linear editor that supports growing files, such as Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer, the output from Vantage can be imported into projects, cut and trimmed, and edited in near real-time while the capture continues at the remote location. New content will become available in the editor as soon as it is written to the Aspera Server storage.


Benefits of Telestream + Aspera FASPStream

Lower costs
Enable long distance, low latency, high quality, real time editing of live captures over commodity internet, which eliminates the high cost of co-locating a post-production crew and expensive satellite, IP and fiber connections.

Faster, more reliable turnaround
of content

With Aspera FASPStream technology, including end-to-end growing file support, seamlessly integrated into Vantage with Open Workflows, operators can now edit files in real time in one location while they are being captured in a different location.

Works for a variety of
content types

Highlights and teasers can be sent to social media sites.VOD content can be processed for immediate viewing just seconds after the event is over.Versions can be produced for dynamic ad insertion and for condensed content viewing purposes (e.g. ads and promotions removed).

Press Release

IBC 2017: Telestream, IBM Aspera enable real-time remote live video capture

Solution Brief

Real Time Editing Over Commodity Internet with Telestream Vantage & Lightspeed Live Capture & Aspera Integration

Blog post

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Real-time, Remote Production over Commodity Internet


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