Complete Solution

Streamline media ingest, review/approval, dub list reconciliation, delivery to ad insertion or broadcast servers, and automation system notification

Simplify for Local And National Ads

ECommercials can arrive from a wide variety of sources. A fully unified process helps ad sales, traffic and operations to avoid mistakes and wasted effort

Faster Turnaround, Fewer Mistakes

TrafficManager reduces processing time and reduces errors. This means fewer misplaced advertisements and a better service offering to advertisers

Vantage Promise

  • Recognized speed
  • Award-winning quality
  • Hands-free automated workflow
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Allows business growth
  • World class support

Powerful Web Portals

View all incoming material, search and quickly check the status of assets from a single location

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Flexible Ingest

Ingest media with metadata from tape directly into TrafficManager with Pipeline - or import locally generated media from an edit suite

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Rock-Solid Server Software

Runs on high performance Windows servers, and integrates with the world's leading transcoding technology, reducing manual labor in mixed SD/HD workflows

Flexible, Scalable

Build rules for different stations or cable channels and scale your operation as necessary

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Lightspeed GPU Acceleration

Optional Lightspeed acceleration increases video quality and throughput

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Integrate closed caption detection, loudness analysis and correction, and Harding analysis compliance

Telestream TrafficManager™ streamlines content handling for TV stations and cable facilities. TrafficManager provides a complete solution for syndicated and commercial media workflows, from ingest, review & approval, transcoding, dub list reconciliation, delivery for ad insertion servers or broadcast servers, and automation system notification.

Faster Turnaround, Fewer Mistakes

TrafficManager reduces processing time, and reduces errors. This means fewer misplaced advertisements and a better service offering to your customer. TrafficManager achieves this by automating the entire workflow, using rules that you specify for how to find, process, and deliver short and long-form media.

When new assets arrive, TrafficManager will automatically identify them, the metadata, and execute all of the steps necessary to ensure timely availability for on-air, cable or web transmission. This happens without requiring manual labor, ensuring that media is prepared in the fastest possible manner, and without introducing human error.

Simplify Commercial Ingest

Commercials can arrive from a wide variety of sources. Without a unified process, ad sales, traffic and operations staff may be wasting time chasing down media from clients or manually moving files from hard drives and customer FTP sites. TrafficManager eliminates these issues by simplifying and unifying the entire process.

For national ads, TrafficManager integrates with the most common digital media delivery services including DG Fastchannel, Javelin, ExtremeReach, the Comcast ADN (Radiance), and more. Commercial metadata and trim points are ingested and used automatically during this activity, and file-based media processing allows you to remove unnecessary dubs to tape.

TrafficManager integrates with many third-party playout automation systems to automate notification of incoming content and metadata.

For local and regional ads, TrafficManager includes a customizable upload portal, allowing you to provide clients with a web page where they can perform uploads of commercials within a web browser. Clients can enter metadata and provide the asset, and the resulting upload can move into TrafficManager’s review and approval tools.

Finally, TrafficManager dub list analysis tools let you quickly see the status of the assets you need. Your traffic and operations staff can see at a glance if any commercials have not yet arrived, narrowing their search to only the assets which need attention.

Syndicated Content Support

TrafficManager’s new Syndicated Content management system is a powerful upgrade to existing automated and manual ingest workflows. Syndication support makes it easy for personnel to create and use templates to process episodic content and edit the running order of ads and other segments, and then preview material prior to sending to air.

Ensure Compliance

TrafficManager helps to ensure that you are meeting regulatory requirements. It automatically performs loudness analysis and correction during transcoding, can detect when captions are not present in commercials, and can notify you when any asset is not meeting your specifications. This file-based preprocessing makes sure that national compliance requirements (such as the U.S. CALM Act) are met. TrafficManager also generates web caption files such as SMPTE 2052, again ensuring accessibility requirements are met regardless of your distribution channel. Finally, TrafficManager streamlines the legal compliance review process with web-based review & approval tools and automated proxy generation.

A Scalable, Flexible Workhorse

TrafficManager is a flexible tool that allows you to scale your operation as necessary.

Build rules for different stations or cable channels simply by mapping out naming, dub list and distribution requirements. If you’re starting with tape, you can use Telestream’s Lightspeed® Live Capture to ingest media with metadata directly into TrafficManager. Locally generated promos and ads can also be imported from your station’s edit suites.

Lightspeed® Technology

Add Telestream’s Lightspeed Server to improve transcoding performance and throughput. Lightspeed Server is a 1RU device that utilizes multiple GPUs and CPU cores to accelerate video processing and H.264 transcoding through the use of Telestream’s exclusive Lightspeed technology. Enhanced deinterlacing, resizing, and accelerated H.264 encoding will significantly improve your image quality and reduce transcoding time.

Scalable, rock-solid server software

TrafficManager runs on Windows server. Built upon the award-winning Vantage media processing platform, TrafficManager ensures high performance and integrates the world’s leading file-based transcoding technology. Automatic pause-and-resume capability ensures that high-priority media is processed as quickly as possible. The addition of Vantage Array enables full scalability, load-balancing and redundancy, giving you enterprise-class 24/7 reliability and auto-failover. Processing can take place on one or multiple load-balanced servers providing high-volume processing to meet your exact workflow needs.