Enterprise-class Multiscreen Streaming

Telestream Lightspeed Live Stream delivers enterprise-class live streaming for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government agencies and educational facilities. Lightspeed Live Stream provides superior quality and efficiency adaptive bit rate encoding for SD, HD and UHD sources into AVC and HEVC. This integrated hardware and software appliance combines multiple CPU and GPU cores as well as targeted ASIC CODEC acceleration to deliver flexible and efficient encoding performance. Input support is available for SDI as well as IP sources, offering future-proof operation as delivery mechanisms change. Output can be delivered via RTMP or as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG DASH packages.

Video Processing and Encoding

Choice of 8 or 16bit video processing and support for AVC and HEVC (h.264 & h.265) encoding. Integrated multi-core multi-processor CPU, GPU, and ASIC compute allow for efficient balancing of encoding optimized for each processor type. CODEC selection includes the highest quality and efficiency x264 and x265 AVC and HEVC. Selectable CODECs and processing deliver choices for optimizing quality, efficiency and maximizing encoding density.


Integrated HLS and MPEG DASH packaging. Encryption and DRM of output streams is also supported


Deploy via RTMP, local origin, or to CDN.

Live Source Support

Combining SDI and IP inputs for a flexible and future proof solution. Lightspeed Live's four 1080p60, 3Gb, HD-SDI inputs can be used individually or combined for UHD 3840x2160 60p SDI input. Four 10Gb Ethernet ports provide IP input as well as high performance delivery options.

The Live Stream user interface provides an intuitive configuration and monitoring experience. Delivering multi-point live monitoring of source video and audio, channel mapping, and wysiwig program composition

Live Sources:

Content file sources:


Audio Processing:


Packaging and Delivery:


Video Processing:

Segment triggers:

Lightspeed Live Hardware & Software Specifications

Telestream Lightspeed Live ships with the following hardware configuration:

1 RU server:

Power and Temperature requirements:

Hardware options: